Unknown House

I have no idea what this building is but i like it and took a quite a few compositions of it. This one I took from the side, so you don’t get a real good view of the building. The reason I took the shot like this is because I liked the contrast between the brick work and the plaster.
There is some kind of plant at the base of the building, I think this may be a small fruit bush but I don’t know. There is so much I don’t know and I want to know more.

The building is situated in the grounds of the castle that I posted a shot of yesterday in Oporow. I was thinking this could be either the Ground Keepers house or the Game Keepers house, both are plausible in my opinion.


Single Raw image toned in Sliver Efex and then dodged and burned in some areas in Photoshop.

Do you like the black and white conversion or would you have preferred a colour image?
Do you know what this building could be?
Or any other comments please use the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Unknown House

  1. The strong contrast works well. There appears to be a bricked up archway on the right. If the colours are strong in themselves that could work too but monochrome sows off the textures well.

  2. fabulous photos Ben…I very much like the black and white…having said that I’m sure the coloured shot would be equally as interesting??? the house looks as though it might have been plastered, as some appears to be coming off at the bottom right corner…great texture though.

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