Mum Kodak Safety Film

Keeping with the theme of this mornings post of replicating film in Photoshop as a digital honor to Lomography’s Film Photography Day I created  a new Faux film image.


This is another throw away image that I have resurrected into a fun family image. I feel sometimes you can take yourself to seriously with photography always wanting to create art or picturesque images. Photography has a second place and that is capturing moments to remember. For me this is why I love adding boarders or creating some strange effects to add to images. You don’t always need a new piece of art to don the wall. It is also good Photoshop exercising, as we every thing the more practice you have the better you are at something

This Image was one of the first shots on my new camera as I was playing with the different settings. I was quite interested to see what the noise level was going to be at ISO 6400 with a medium sized lens. Extending my lens to 135mm I tuned and quickly took a few frames of my mum playing on her tablet.

This image I thought looked quite interesting so I decided to process it taking advantage of the grain and the tight crop, with the idea that a high speed black and white film might give this close up portrait a nice feel.
I toned the image in Silver Efex and added the scratches in Alien skin Exposure. I had never used these two filters together and they work quite well. For me Alien Skin exposure has more aging effects than Silver Efex and I am at the moment enjoying Silver Efex as an editing filter. Finally i Imported the boarder and framed the image.

I hope mum you like it.

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