Steps To Narnia

I still have quite a few pictures left from the castle I visited at Easter and decided to share the best of them today and tomorrow. I will go back again in the summer and take some more shots because it is a really interesting location.


To take this picture I think I moved to an area where I shouldn’t have been, as i opened a gate and walked down and around the castle to be at the same level as the moat looking back across the moat. When I came back up there was a security guard giving me the evil eye as I locked the gate again.

I cropped the image to a panoramic format and toned the image into Silver Efex. I had quite a few problems as I felt the contrast was always flat and worked a lot with localized adaptation.
In the end the image is alright but I know I will re-edit the image in the future because there is for me something missing.

Do you feel the same as me? Do you think that there is something missing? Let me know in the comments box below.

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6 thoughts on “Steps To Narnia

  1. I like the composition. Not smitten by the tinting to be honest. But I think it’s tough to get the lions to stand out against the trees. I’m sure I couldn’t get more out of it. You set yourself a tough challenge.

  2. Might be the “weaker” light on the left side that is bothering you in the panoramic view – I really like the way you have cropped the header, it suggest something lurking just outside the frame… Narnia, yes!

    • The whole castle had this “Narnia” feel with the lamp posts, snow and of course lions.
      I may look at crop options maybe a triptych could be a way to edit the image. I will have to look at it again in a few weeks maybe months and come back to it a fresh. Watch out for it to be on Editing Friday one day in the future.

  3. lol…your lucky the security fellow didn’t walk you out… 🙂 as for the photo it looks like an amazing place to visit…I’m not as technical in speaking about this, so to me what I see is the steps and lions seem to have a great deal of texture happening which feels as though it is competing with the trees…separately I think both are amazing, but together feels like a bit of a competition…does that make any sense to you Ben??? regardless, I know you will keep working on it until it is the way you want it as it is a wonderful image…

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