Wishes for a Wishing Well

Today has been a long day. Wednesday and Tuesdays are my longest days and the days I really have to plan to the minute on what I am doing and where I have to be.

Today went a little skewed because I was emotionally knocked back when my kindle broke. This seems very much like a first world problem but I commute a lot and it has made my life so much easier especially when reading 1000 page science fiction/ fantasy epics while carrying around all the other kit and stuff i need. Today  I spent some of my blogging time looking at how to fix my kindles screens before coming to the realization that I couldn’t, then moving on to how to purchase a new one and of course looking at the cost ( which is greatly exaggerated here due to the conversion rates).

But life moves on I do have a few normal books on my reading list that are not 1000 pages and not to big to carry around, so now am reading “The Last Dickens” by Mathew Pearl at the moment and will have to wait to find out who the Snowman is in Jo Nesbo’s “The Snowman”.

On to my picture because that is why you are here (I hope).


This is not a wishing well to begin with though it is a well. The first time i ever came to this location (5 Years ago) my now wife (then girlfriend) told me she wanted a picture of the well. I did oblige and took a nice picture. Coming back years later I decided to use the well as a subject again.

I was really amazed at the saturation of the moss and the brick work in the castle, I know this is caused by the monotone of the landscape due to it being covered in snow.  I processed the image as a single raw file processed in Photoshop.

Above are some images from my visit to the location 5 years ago.

Do you ever revisit locations at different times of the year? Does it make a difference to your photos? What location would you love to go back to?
Or any other comment let me know using the comment box below.

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6 thoughts on “Wishes for a Wishing Well

  1. Love the fairy tale quality of your new photo. Don’t get a new kindle – get an iPad and then you’ll be able to do “everything” with it – take pix, video, Skype, blog, read all the stuff you had on kindle and way more, surf, email, everything except wash your dishes….you’ll love it and well worth the investment!

  2. the new photo is superb…there is so much more detail and character to the well now that it has aged! the castle looks great as well…like people, objects can age nicely! 🙂 So sad about your kindle…I’d be lost without mine! I’m sure the Galaxy will work nicely for you…

    • The Galaxy is working great for me, it took a little bit of getting used to touching the screen to turn the page. I think some times when life gives you lemons don’t make lemonade make a lemon meringue pie.

      • I agree…I have a iPhone5 so for me it took me some time to get used to using buttons, instead of touch…it all works out! 🙂

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