Self Portrait 2013

I used to say that I wanted to do photography so I would be the one behind the camera. I really dislike having my picture taken or looking at pictures of myself. This could have a deep rooted psychological reason but I don’t think I will open that door.

I wanted to get out today but I feel so lethargic and the weather (Not sunny), has not inspired me to leave my apartment, unlike yesterday.
I decided I would take a self-portrait, I had the idea of using the curtain in my man cave as a back drop since the light is defused through it and have the camera in front of me and use my cable release to take the shot.
The only issue I came up against was actually focusing the camera. For some reason using the live view on my swivelling LCD screen I found it hard to focus so it was a little bit of trial and error.


This was one of my preconceived ideas. The image changed a lot in editing, and the effect applied was a bit of an experiment.
I had developed the raw file as a black and white and cropped it to a square format. When I imported the image to Photoshop I accidently, while making a curves adjustment, darkened the whole image. I liked the effect that the curves adjustment had made to the image as it real brought out some details and focused the image more.

I went to Adobe Bridge and copy and pasted the Raw file twice and then opened them in Camera Raw. In Camera Raw I raised the exposure on one and lowered the exposure on another. I imported these into my Photoshop document added layer masks and painted in shadows from the under exposed image and highlights from the over exposed image. This also meant the image now had dark cornering which I don’t mind.

I may not like taking self-portraits but this shot I really like.

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9 thoughts on “Self Portrait 2013

  1. It is a great portrait: I like how your eyes are looking off into the distance and aren’t at that weird angle of so many selfies we see… funny how lots of photographers don’t like having their picture taken…

    • Photographers as a prerequisite either dont like having their pictures taken though there are always exceptions to the rules. I found the best ways to get natual eye direstion is to either look directly into the lens or look straight at one spot and not think.

  2. Its a good, unusual angle and well processed as always. The eyes are not sharp to me and I am not sure whether that is intentional or not. But self-portraits are difficult and if you are happy with it then that is what counts. I do like very much the tight hood framing the head. Hoodies can look sinister but here it is a natural and effective complement to the face.

    • The eyes are out of focus but only just. With my head tilted back I think it works. Hoddies are usually associated with asbo kids but I love mine and the are apart of me. Glad you enjoyed the image.

  3. I like the shot…the way you have posed for it…not looking directly at the camera but up and away, the B & W works for me, very nice!…I do not enjoy having my photo taken, nor do I like looking at myself in a photo…like you I won’t get into the reasons why… 🙂

    • I understand why not getting into the reasons, I am sure my problems can only be fixed by a professional and I really don’t want to go there. On the other hand I did quite like working on these images.

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