Morning Light in the Park

I have a theory about trees, this theory may be shared by others I don’t know. I feel that the trees have a conversation during the winter and during the beginning of spring to decide when their leaves will spring forth. On the decided day in the early hours of the morning, while we are all asleep they let their leaves come forth at the same time (except evergreens.

Today is not yet the day but the mornings have been fantastic as i have walked though the park on the way to work. It is days like these I really love the city I live in especially after all the snow we had in the winter (and early spring).


The sun shining though the leafless trees casting shadows across the ground. I really like the park in the back ground and have a great idea for a photo when the canopy of leaves has returned.

HDR image processed in HDR Efex, toned in Color Efex.

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3 thoughts on “Morning Light in the Park

    • Today here the world is looking much greener but nature is all messed up due to having a really long winter here. I hope they will be greener soon so I can take some more colorful images of trees.

  1. I love trees, and in particular “naked trees” as I call them…while the leaves are lovely they hide all the gnarly branches and don’t allow for the amazing shadows the way the branches do…lol good theory as it seems as though the trees all start turning green at the same time. 🙂 Your photos are amazing…

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