Old Court House

This is a really strange building that sit on the intersection of two streets. There is another building on the other side of the junction in a similar style but both buildings standout because they have a modernistic 1920’s look which is so different to the buildings in the surrounding area.
I have been told that it was the old court house for the city after Poland was granted independence in the 1920’s but is currently apartments and offices. I know that the current courts are about a 5 min walk from here so it is possible that they changed location.


Faux Topaz adjusted Image to boost contrast, Black and White processing in Adobe Camera Raw and color toning Alien Skin Exposure

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One thought on “Old Court House

  1. this is a stunning shot…I love the detail of the building, as well as the way it sits on the streets…makes for a interesting perspective! I’m really liking black & white, more and more…this is perfect in b & w….

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