1000 Likes (While Talking in the Park)

There are several strange things about blogging on WordPress,  one  of them being the achievements that you get awarded and notified about.
They do make you feel happy and make you smile and in a way can motivate you at the beginning of your blogging life to complete the next the achievement. I do wish to celebrate it as it is a mile stone and hope for many likes in the future.

Lets head to my image for today.

I have been taking a few shots of people sat on benches recently. I like the voyeuristic feel that you are looking into a moment of peoples lives yet they may not know.
With the picture below, I really wanted to know what they were talking about. They seemed more friends than lovers but the conversation had an intense relaxation to it. The boy sat with his knees up quite closed and the girl to the side and slightly more open. My Sigma lens added a softness to the focus which, really brings the couple into focus.


I wasn’t sure if this image would work best as colour or black and white so I edited the image in both ways. I am slightly more edging towards the black and white version below as it seems to add a bit more drama to the image..


Which version works the best for you? Let me know in the comments box below.

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7 thoughts on “1000 Likes (While Talking in the Park)

  1. The coloured version looks like they are just chilling while the black and white makes it seem as though something important is happening between them – definitely more drama to the b/w!

    • Now stepping back from the image for a day, I think the black and white is best, Sometimes we need to not look at something for a while to see what works.

  2. The black & white also seems to de-emphasize the background more drawing the attention to the characters. And the mustard colour of the trousers is less jarring on the eye. He needs a fashion advisor 🙂 I’ll send my younger daughter over. Its a nice image which I think they would like.

    • Oh the mustard trousers, they are not as bad as the salmon pink ones i saw a guy wearing the other day. I agree that the black and white is the better image. though the colour could work if i changed the hue of those mustard trousers.

  3. I’ve not tried taking photos of people yet, other than family I mean…and those I wouldn’t post. while both are great photos I have to say the b & w has my vote as favorite…I’ve noticed that b & w usually makes the subjects pop…having said that the color works as well, just depends on what the photo is being used for…

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