Can You See The Matrix?

In 1999 still at secondary school I got a call from a friend, he asked me If I wanted to go to the cinema and see the Matrix. He was going with a mutual friend of ours, who would become his Girlfriend in the coming weeks. This was the day before I was set to go on the French exchange and of course I said yes. I didn’t at the time know what the matrix was going to be about, except it was advertised as an action film. One of the other exciting things was that I was not yet old enough to see a 15 certified film. I was still 14 and would be 15 in a few days.

The Matrix is a good film and has not dated too badly. Its sequels on the other had become expositions if grandeur loosing the feeling of the first film by becoming overly complicated.

The Matrix Effect in Photoshop is not new and the falling digits of the matrix code has been done to death in Photoshop. I wanted to make the image with a twist


For my image I wanted the text to mean something even if you couldn’t read it. I opened up the image I would be manipulating and dropped it into note pad. Here you get a lot of text as the note pad tries to translate the file. I copied portions of the text and layered them to create my falling text effect.

The question for you is, Can you read the Matrix code?

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