Weekly Photo Challenge; From Above

This weeks topic from above, has lead to a lot of images of flowers and city scapes. Nothing wrong in them and I have quite liked looking at those images.
I was trying to think about how the world is see from above and came to realise that alto of it is via surveillance  Cameras hidden in corners looking down upon us as we go by our daily routine. The extreme of how this technology could be utilized is shown nicely ( if not in an OTT paranoia way) in the film Enemy of The State.


I actually have seen the way that CCTV can be extremely useful. As a university student I worked in a Pub and the CCTV centre linked all the pubs together via a radio system. If a person had caused trouble in your pub you could radio it in. CCTV would follow the person and as he entered another bar or pub, they would warn them and this bar would refuse to sell them drinks. It was a really great system as it kept an eye on trouble makers before they could really kick off and cause trouble.

Of course some people see CCTV as a big brother phenomenon and an invasion of privacy. Though it does seem that people will also give up some privacy to be protected. I am not sure where I stand this.

Weekly Photo Challenge Image


My image was shot from my balcony why watching people come and go at the same time as find out who was playing some incredibly dreadful music at a very loud level.

The image was edited in Photoshop. simple procedure of duplicate layers setting blending to overlay while adding some adjustment layers and creating a fill pattern to try and replicate a surveillance camera image. The muted tones and blue cast work well but the scan line pattern could be stronger.

Where do you stand on CCTV? Is it something we need to protect ourselves or an massive invasion of privacy for law abiding citizens? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.

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