Ladybird Adventures

The blossom last week opened up and added some lovely pink hues to the landscape of the city. With new colour popping into the periphery of my vision I saw a slight movement in the trees and was delighted to see ladybirds moving among the flowers.

I had my 18-55mm lens on my camera when i whipped it out of my bag. Not wanting to miss the moment I didn’t switch lenses. Using the lens at 50mm I was able to get quite close to the ladybirds without disturbing them too much and frightening them. The background was very cluttered with leaves and branches, stopping the lens down to the low aperture I was able to create a small depth of field that left the bugs and flowers in focus and blurring everything else.

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All images were processed solely in Adobe Camera Raw exported to Photoshop for noise reduction and sharpening.

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4 thoughts on “Ladybird Adventures

    • I am glad you liked it Andrew, I don’t normally capture wildlife as I take my time with shooting at the animal or bug has gone, it was nice to work quickly.

    • There is also a low priced supermarket in Poland called Biedronka (Ladybird). I also remember a children’s clothing line in England called it as well.
      I think they gave me some luck with these image though.

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