Budding Blossom

I was actually thinking of having this image as the image for Editing Friday. I didn’t in the end because I got immersed in the editing process, due to this I didn’t make any screen grabs. Normally I write editing Friday as I edit, after each step or series of steps I make a screen grab and write what i have just done. When I get immersed in editing I can’t do this because back tracking can look at bit strange, when I have to type it out.


This image I actually made as a three image HDR and there some bad things in the image around the branch as there is some ghosting. I normally hate ghosting but this ghosting a aesthetic making it look like the branch is moving in the wind.

The image uses a lot of negative space to pull the attention to the buds, as well as using a shallow depth of field. I also processed the image in Color Efex, using bleach by pass to desaturate the image and add contrast but I used control points to remove effect. I then layered other filters in color Efex to keep the image bright and not too saturated in the highlights.

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