Double Exposed Tulip

Tulips are fantastic flowers and they can be great subjects to photograph. I wanted to have a picture that showed both the single flower along with a field of tulips. I though the best way to do this would be with a double exposure  Using digital I had to shoot two different images and merge them together in a faux style.


When I created the image I was quite happy but now looking at it there is something not quite right. I think the image of the single tulip is strong enough by itself and it doesn’t need the flowers blended in the background. I think also the image could work better if   central flower was not so defined.

Why share when you not happy? I like to share images I have edited even if they are not perfect as way to share my process and thoughts and of course when I edit the image again in the future or try this method again and get it right, I can always link back to this post.

I will come back to this image again.

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One thought on “Double Exposed Tulip

  1. Some of your single flower images are breathtaking – hate to say it but I find this one a bit cheesy though I do like the cropped header better than the full shot. Sometimes our mind’s eye knows exactly what we want to do but it can be hard to recreate – even digitally!

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