Stairwells are strange places especially when you live in a flat. This is an area that you must walk through everyday and share with others yet is not your own. In my block people have but plants on their floors to try and brighten up the monotonous feeling when walking up and down the stairs.

This is the staircase to my friends block. Their apartment completely contrasts this run down and dark stairwell. I love the feeling of these stairs as they are quite old and there is a feeling of history in the air, yet at the same time they are imposing, due to there narrow width and lighting.


Image was shot at ISO3200 at f5.6 1/100s. I processed the image in Adobe Camera Raw, burning in the windows to give some detail and not to have blown out highlights. Noise reduction in both ACR and Photoshop and sharpened in Photoshop.

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