Simplicity Is Best

In Lord of the Rings (the film) Gandalf tells Frodo “Keep it (the ring of power) secret, keep it safe!”, this is a great motto that I have revised to, “Keep it simple, Keep it safe!”. Of course i don’t mean safe creativity so all people will like it, but more by keeping a process simple and not overly complex. By doing this you can are safely in the knowledge that your outcome will be good (though I would not guarantee a brilliant image). I am not saying not take risks but make the plan and approach simple, to make sure your risk pays out.


Keeping it simple and therefore safe

1/2000 f5.6 ISO 400 edited in camera raw as a colour and black and white image. In Photoshop both versions blended together with the monotone image on top, blending mode set to overlay to create contrast, masked out flower and details in the middle to protect their tones. Sharpened via Highpass.

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