Tulip Black and White Experimentation

Experimentation is the key to a healthy creative output. I am sure it is also the key for a lot of other things in life. I was sat at my computer not sure what I should edit. I didn’t shoot anything over the last weekend for two reasons, one the weather was really pants and the second the person who was wanting to have some shots done cancelled, due to work commitments. I was not sad but it has left a hole in my to do list (though not that big a hole, as I have a school theater production to get ready).

I had got hold of some Topaz filters to play around with just for fun and to see if they could add anything to my workflow in Photoshop or give some images another direction. I was really using one image and playing with the settings of the different filters, not reading about how they work, to try and understand them and therefore see how they could be used in a creative process.

tulip-topaz-bwThis image of a tulip was created in Topaz Black and White Effects. It is an intriguing interface yet not as clean as Niksoft’s Silver Effects in my opinion, yet the result was easier to anticipate than when I have use Silver Effects. I liked how there was quite a few exposure control options, with the topaz filter, that could be used to tone the image as well as the colour sensitivity and colour toning options.

Do you like the image I created? Have you ever used Topaz filters? Is there anything you have ever wanted to experiment with (in life or photography? Let me know in the comment box below.

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