Editing Friday; Watercolour Flowers

For this week’s Editing Friday, I decided to create a more graphic image from a photograph. Although I love photography, I also like to create graphic/ digital art images from my shots. This is partly due to the fact I like playing with images in Photoshop.

I will not be creating a watercolour version of an image but more an image with a water colour effect.

Interested? Keep reading.

I took my image first and toned it in Camera Raw with a split toning using pink hues for the highlights that matches the blossom and green for the shadows that matches the stem of the flowers. this has created an interesting image to begin with.


I loaded the image into Photoshop and then created a new layer for the background. I filled the layer with white and then went Filter-Texture-Texturizer and made the settings Scale 200% Relief 5 and Light top right.


I added two textures the first being a paper texture that i set the opacity to 75% and the second being a crumpled paper texture layer. I set the texture layer underneath the paper layer and set the blending mode to color dodge and the opacity to 95%. I did this to give the back ground an interesting element and not just the canvas texture.


I placed the image on top of all my new layers and added a hide all layer mask. Using watercolour brushes at an opacity of 50% i slowly revealed the image below.


I picked three colours using the colour picker tool, Green, Pink and Red. All of these colours were found in the image, the green form the flower stem, the red from the petals of the flower and the pink form the blossom.
Each colour was placed in a fill layer and placed under the main image. Using the layer masks set to hide all and using the same watercolour brushes to fill in areas of the image. This gives the image a stronger body without revealing details of the image. It also gives the image a more sketched feel.


I added a Dry Brush filter to my image layer to give the image some added texture. The brush size was set to 0, details to 10 and texture to 1.


At the end I added a vibrance and photo filter adjustment layers to the image, both layers were clipped to the image layer. I did this to boost this part of the image and make it stronger.
I also moved my paper layer above the image and changed the blending to multiply and set the opacity to 50% this was done to let more of the texture come in from the lower layers and to remove part of the colour cast it was causing.
I finally added a levels adjustment to the top of the image to bring in the highlights and shadows and give the whole image some added contrast.


Final Image


This was quite a nice little work flow and really quite simple to piece together and the final image (IMHO) looks great. The image is something I can imagine being framed on the wall. The watercolour brushes mix well together especially with the solid colours I used which help to add depth to the image.

What do you think? let me know, be it positive or negative in the comment box below.

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5 thoughts on “Editing Friday; Watercolour Flowers

    • I think the effect will work well with alot of my blossom images that i have taken this spring. Mothers day sounds like a great idea for this type of image.

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