Self Portrait 2013 Double Exposed

Last month I created a self portrait. A rare experience, since I don’t  like having my picture being taken. This morning after being lovingly awoken at 3am by my cat demanding attention, by licking my eye.

I was wide awake and needing to do something but nothing to serious. I decided to work on my double exposure technique as it has been lacking recently in creating good images. Partly I think my problem has been that I have not been taking the pictures in the first place at the correct exposure.I have also seen  lot of images in the past year of double exposure portraits and nature, more specifically trees and this is something that I wanted to replicate. This got my juices going and I managed to create the portrait below.


Comined the images using layer masks and selections. Once i am sure the recipe for this is good and will work multiple times I will share on here.

Does the image work for you? Have you tried creating these images before? If so what were you outcomes like? Or any other comment let me know in the comment box below.

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