Revisiting Double Exposed Tulip

Tulip-purple-double-exposureTwo weeks ago I created a tulip image as a double exposure. This was something that i wanted to do when I took the pictures. To be honest the first edit didn’t work.

I used my normal recipe for the double exposure. Of course just like food some recipes need to be tweaked depending on what you are adding to the mix, something I learnt with this image and with using gluten free flour in baking.

What I didn’t like about this first shoot was that it plainly looked bad and flat. The merging of two exposures looked too simplistic and basic.

I completely threw my workflow out the window and used select colour range to select shadow areas in the single tulip and used these selections to create a mask on the fields of tulip image.


I edited the image using topz filters; BW, Denoise, and detail and a curves adjustment layer.

Do you think this is better than the original version? Let me know what you think.

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4 thoughts on “Revisiting Double Exposed Tulip

  1. Wow, that’s wild looking. Definitely better than the original. I’m curious, does the double-exposure give it that outlined-like look? Reminds me of Manet.

    PS – The color version felt like seeing through a kaleidoscope!

    • Double exposures can be outlined depending on the subjects film camera ect. I had one roll of film which I had by accident but through my camera 3 times and got some quite hard outlined images. Though most double exposures have quite a dreamy company.

      Yeah the colour image was not great, I have been wanting to create a kaleidoscope image for ages, you have just inspired me

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