A Few Quiet Days

You may or may not have noticed that the last couple of days have been quiet here at Aperture64. There has been a similar scene across all of my social networks. The reason for this are three fold, firstly I have been ill with the summer flu (some may call it man flu but it is not), although I am over the worst of it I think the pollen count has potracted my condition. Secondly I have been busy preparing my senior class (this not being a class of old people but the most senoir class in my school, the students are aged 15-16 years old) for their, English Theatre Festival, performance of the Goon Show’s “The Treasure of Loch Lomond”. This took over quite a bit of my life while I helped prepare costumes and props. The third and final reason for my complete absence has been due to finalizing the end of school year marks and all the administration that goes along with this. I actually do find it quite amazing how at the end of this week there will still be two weeks of school left, but as for my admin and things, this will be over.

What Does This Mean For Aperture64

Well it means it may be quiet for a few days.

Tomorrow I will be taking part in the PhotoChat on Twitter and I will post my longer answers to the questions tomorrow as normal. I am really enjoying participating in these conversations on twitter becuase the questions make me think not just about my practices but also my views on photogrpahy. It is also great to hear (read) other professionals and amatuers opinions on the topics set every week. If you do have twitter, try and follow the conversation on Thrusdays at 1pm EST (6pm BST, 7pm CET) using the #photochat.

Coming to the end of June I will begin writing more photography posts not just posts about a single image, to inform and expand on already gain knowledge with the goal of helping you and me create better images. I will continue my weekly video posts with Aperture Speaks with more emphasis on me speaking (yes you get to see more of my ugly mug) and will also create some work flow videos using photoshop as well as some other software which is more widely avaliable for those who need an alternative. Last year I did a series of videos looking at different Black and White workflows so I may do something similar.

If there is anything you do want me to look at, write about or just know more about, please let me know at anytime using the comment sections. I am open to inspiration or topics.

The picture


Of course I have to add a picture. As I have written before I dont really like taking pictures of myself and self portraits are rare for me to take. This self portrait I took at the weekend using PhotoBooth app on android. It took a few attempts to get the composition right even using the front facing camera on my tablet. The black and white processing was done in app and I haven’t edited anything. Fun free app on Android and I am sure there will be a version on IOS.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts, I Know You Have Some

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