Unhappy Parents Turn Slide Negs Into Cat Selfies

Parents unhappy with their child’s place in school Photo

The school photo was something I used to dread mainly because I hated (and still hate having my picture taken). Though it was fun when you got to look at the class picture and the strange looks some students made as the shutter was pressed.
Because of how boring school photos are, basically the same all over the world, they very rarely make a newsworthy story.

In New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, Parents of Miles Ambridge were upset that their 7 year old child, who was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy when he was 13 months old, had been set apart from his classmates in the yearly class picture.

Anne Belanger said “I couldn’t comprehend how the photographer could look through the lens and think that this was good composition… this just boggled the mind. […] Being picked on and being set aside is horrendous and this was what was happening. “

While his father is demanding that the school get the photography company to come back and reshoot the class photo. The firm who took the picture has offered to “remake” the image but the school has made no comment. Anne Belanger believes that it was simply the fact that the photographer had not been thinking when posing the students .

I will start by agreeing with Mile’s mother I don’t believe it was a malicious act by the photographer but a simply the fact that he was not thinking.  With our ability to look at the image critically we can say that he could have shifted the benches and incorporated Miles into the second row or have placed him in centre of front row. Yet taking the seat of the photographer I will say; class photos for the photographer can be quite an all-consuming job as you are surrounded by noise of children waiting for their pictures to be taken, you need to organise the students, while stumbling over group conflicts within the class and needing to get the shot in a timely fashion as you have more to go in the day, as well as the fact that these children have been taken out of class for these images to be taken. There has also become, in recent years, a trend for companies to employ “photographers”, people with no experience who are set on a basic course and whose prerequisite skills is the ability to drive. This means the company can reap more profits off the top paying the “photographer” a lower wage.
This does not pardon the image because the mistake would have been spotted during editing and this could have been the time to go back and ask to reshoot (for free), explaining that parents deserve the best image. I believe the photographer should reshoot for free not just “remake” the image. “Remaking” the image sounds like he will just fix the image in Photoshop.

The lesson to be learnt here is to be consciences of the way you pose your subjects especially in groups and try to do this in a fair and rational way.

Slide Negatives Used as Business cards

To stand out in business you don’t just need a great product that separates you from the competition but also a way to be remembered . Business cards are one ways to make people remember you and your contact details. Business cards can be handed out easily and redistributed by people sharing your details. SoulSeven created a design for Lars Swindon, a photographer out of Minneapolis, who was looking to make an impact on a budget. SoulSeven used stamps and hand writing to add Lars Swanson’s information to envelopes, Polaroids and slide film holders.

The designers described it; “…we leveraged traditional photography elements to be the identity materials for him. 35mm slides for business cards and Polaroids for direct mail cards were customized using rubber stamps and handwriting. Stamps were also used to brand the stock envelopes and direct mail holders, giving Lars the ability to create these pieces as he goes. Endless combinations of Polaroid images, paper stocks and ink stamp colors, allows Lars to make each mailer unique to the recipient. No two are alike. Little cost and big impact has been the result.”

Personally this sounds like a great way to advertise a business especially if you can use your own photographs on slides and Polaroids. These ideas share not just who you are but allow prospective customers to have a piece of work for free. If this is put on view then more people can see it and you have an advert placed for free. With this being a cheap option I would not really agree unless you are creating a lot of Polaroid and using a lot of slide film.

Cat Selfies with Snapcat

I have said before that when aliens come or our ancestors dig up our civilisation they will believe we worship/ped cats. On the internet cats are a stable image diet and are everywhere along with selfies (self portraits) of girls pulling a duck face in public toilets. Well an app developer coded an app for cats to take their own selfies, which was a result of a 24-hour coding spree during EyeEm’s Photo Hack Day 3 in Berlin earlier this month.

Dot used to attract your cats attention.

I downloaded the app for free form Google Play and gave it to my cat to use. The app works by having a red dot float around your tablet or phone’s screen simulating a laser pointer. Kryton (my cat) at first was not too interested but once he noticed the dot he pressed the tablet a few times. One of the draw backs I saw at this point is that Krytons claws where being flexed on my tablet screen so if this app is used often your screen may be scratched. The images he took were not so great so I used the dot to attract his attention and then used my finger on the screen to capture the image.
There is a built in editor for the app but sharing requires you to logon or sign up to EyeEm’s social media site. I was not interested in that and could not find my edited image on my device. In the end  I edited the image in Snapseed.


The app is an interesting fun photo app. But for me its biggest drawback was using the front facing camera which on most devices is of a lower resolution than that of the back camera. This means that your images are slightly noisier and less sharp. As for fun, I will state it is, though I doubt I will use it regularly.

If you want to have a go you can down load for free here on the Google Play store for android devices.

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