Swimming Away

Yesterday was the last day of the semester at my school but for the last four days I have been invited to leaving parties and assemblies. It has been quite hard for me this year to attend these occasions due to seeing two classes through a section of the school for the first time. In Gimnazjum, I first started teaching class 3 when they were class one ( Gimnazjum only has 3 years) and I have formed a strange teacher student bond with them over the three years.  The same is for my graduating class of primary school, class six; I met them in class four originally and have seen huge changes in the class.

I was really taken aback by the number of presents and flowers given to me over the last two days by students. A sign of genuine respect and gratitude from the students is something that has always caught me off guard. Kryton (the cat) also likes flowers as well but he likes more the paper bag I brought the flowers home in.


On the route to the school I usually walk through a small park. I have recently seen these ducklings there with their parents. I won’t need to walk through this park for the next two months and with temporary changes to the cities bus and tram network most likely won’t be walking through the park for the next year. When I next do they will not be small ducklings, they will be ducks and maybe flown from the park. The in meanings in this image and my emotions of the last week seem to relate quite well to each other.

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