Perez, Likes Don’t Help With Simple Image Sharing

Perez Hilton Being Sued For Copyright Infringement

This year there have been a lot of stories of photographers suing or bringing to the attention that their images copyrights have been infringed by quite large companies.


Example of one of Caplin Images being used by Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton Celebrity blogger is being sued for $2.1 million by New York Times photographer Robert Caplin, for publishing 14 photographs, of Glee Star Darren Criss without permission. The 14 images are part of a series of 32 photographs that were originally published in the New York Times for a story about Criss’s Broadway debut. Caplin also published the images on an online gallery on his website.

Caplin’s website does contain preventative measures to stop image theft, though it appears that Hilton took screen shots for the site and then cropped out all but the images then republished them. Apart from just copying the image Perez also added his own water mark to them “” and then linked the images to stores that sold the clothes that Criss was wearing in the images.

Caplin believing this could have all been a mistake, contacted Hilton about the infringement, Perez apologized and agreed to take down that images. The images were not taken down until Caplin filed his law suit. He is suing for copyright infringement and violating The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, for refusing to take down the images. Damages are calculated at $150,000 for each infringement totalling $2.1 million.

This case is most interesting because Perez (by this I am meaning him or one of his employees) took time to steal the images, not just right clicks save as but screen shot, crop and then watermarking. It also seems that the images were used to create revenue for Perez by linking the images to stores that I would guess he had deals with, this was not for news or comment.


Screen Shot of Perez’s image gallery of Caplin’s work

If I was Caplin I would feel the insulted that Perez is then taking credit for his work through the watermarking of the images. I believe Caplin wanted to give Perez the benefit of the doubt in contacting him privately. But by not taking the images down and it taking the suit to be filed to make the images to be taken down, shows the complete disregard that Perez has for Caplin and for photographers work in general.

I am sure if Perez Really wanted to use the images he could have obtained a license from the New York Times or Caplin himself and saved himself the bother and possible add cost now this is going to court

The moral of all these similar stories, if you want to use an image, contact the photographer; don’t just take from the web.

Add Campaign Explains Likes Don’t Help

“Likes” are one of the most pointless things in our modern society but for those of us who need exposure a “like” on Facebook can bump up the chances for your content being seen by more people. This is why companies like “likes”, especially advertising companies.
For a recent campaign by Pulicis Singapore for, Crisis Relief Singapore,  they have mixed heart-wrenching images with a hard to swallow tagline “Liking isn’t Helping”


The adverts use strong black and white images like, a child trapped in flood water or  baby who has lost their leg with superimposed hands, gesturing thumbs up to symbolize Facebook Likes. The message is clear, Crisis Relief Singapore is run by volunteers, and although likes and sharing on social media help spread the word it does not actually give hands on help to the victims.


Hopefully this does hit home to a lot of people as there are so many “like” campaigns on the net that really they don’t help people. Organizations need people and money to help them, not a passive click and move along. How many remember Kony 2012?

Dropbox Now Allows Multiple Photo Sharing


Dropbox is a great cloud based file storage solution and app, one of the pioneers before Google drive and Adobe cloud. Cloud based storage seems to be a huge fad at the moment with even telecommunications companies using it as a selling point.
Recently Dropbox has been improving its image viewing and sharing features, this has made it become more popular with photographers. An update to its IOS app allows users to share multiple photos at once.

Sharing can be done by tapping the Photos icon at the bottom of the screen to view all of your images stored on Dropbox and then you select them. From here you can share directly via email Facebook message or post, twitter or just copy them to your clipboard.

To me this sounds great and I can’t wait for the update to come to Android. I use Dropbox a lot and even more now I am using my tablet as a replacement for my netbook, this will make my on the go work a lot easier.

If you don’t have Dropbox; it is a free cloud storage system for desktop and mobile devices. You upload your documents onto the Dropbox server, which is private to you. You can create public folders or folders that are specifically shared with others. With this it can be used as a smooth way to transfer work to clients by setting up a folder for them especially, when you are dealing with large files it can be easier than emailing them. Although the desktop version uses your hard drive to store files for instant use, on the mobile app you download the files you want to use.


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6 thoughts on “Perez, Likes Don’t Help With Simple Image Sharing

  1. I find it impossible to like pictures of catastrophes… Now there is some discussion whether the likes made in the WP reader actually count as true likes on a post – have you any info on this? Probably why it seems like no one is reading…

    • I am not sure about Likes and relation to WP. I know in Facebook now ( the last two years), Facebook uses calculation on its site where the number of friends and likes are calculated so the site knows what content to show you and what content not to. This means that of my 100ish friends on Facebook I only see posts from about 25 or so of them, even when using most recent posts. This is even more interesting when you look at pages. you can have 50 followers but a reach of 35, so 35 people saw your posts in a week not all 50. The algorithm for face book will also put a higher value on image content and video over typed. So really a picture is the best way to share what is going on in your life.

      For campaigns this means that likes are important.

      It can feel sometimes on WP that no one is reading but I feel that likes are not linked to what we are able to read from our “Blogs I follow” feed as they seem to be by date and time order.

      For me I enjoy people liking my posts but comments are more important as then i can see time has been taken to read or look at the content and the like is not passive. A blogger called Neverphoto and I had a conversation and about this once. But as we all blog and have a day job a like is all we have time sometimes.

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