Anniversaries and Champagne

When the date was set for my wedding last year, it could be said I followed in the steps of my father by having my wedding a few days after my wife’s birthday. This was either a great idea or one which I am destined to regret, if I forget one date I will most likely forget the other.

After our wedding toasts, the owner of the restaurant gave us out champagne cork with a coin placed in it. Silver coins are inserted into the popped champagne or wine corks and given to the bride & groom as a lasting memento of their day of celebration.
It is a nice memento from the day and sits happily on or living room shelf.

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2 thoughts on “Anniversaries and Champagne

  1. What a nice custom. We were given the champagne glasses that we used to toast one another – a bit ironic as neither of us drinks alcohol any more!

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