Aperture Speaks; Creative Gradients


This weeks Aperture Speaks revisits the image above, that I edited earlier in the year black and white. This week I will show who you can use gradient adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw creatively to enhance your image. Are you interested watch the video below.

In adobe photoshop I dodged the tree as I said I was going to do in the video using a layer filled with 50% grey and then added a gradient map set to over lay to add contrast to the foreground.


I really love the use of gradients and the way they can help transform quite a flat image into a much more intriguing picture.


These are some over examples of the creative use of gradients. With the Lone flower image above, I used four gradients to create a custom vignette darkening as well ass adding a different tone of green. When using a gradient as a vignette you have more control over the direction and the strength of the vignette with one sides strength being weaker or stronger depending on the image.

With the second image is created a split cross processing effect. I toned the whole image with a cross processing effect and then added a gradient on the left, shifting the colours.

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