One Year On and I Can Climb Mountains

It has been just over a year since I started this little blog in my corner of the internet. There are many cliché things I can say. I won’t though, except to say it has been fun writing and sharing my work, discussing my views and showcasing photography which were and still are the three pillars of this blog.

I have been away for a week, visiting the mountains in the South of Poland in and around Zakopane, and although there was WiFi at our accommodation, due to the number of users trying to use it, the bandwidth could not take the work load. The internet really did remind me of the days of Windows 95 and dialling in to get an internet connection and then waiting a few minutes for a page to load.

While on my exploration of the mountains I did post as much stuff as I could via my social media outlets. Over the four days I went up one hill, one gorge and one mountain. There was a plan to go up a final mountain on our last day but bad weather forced a retreat. For the majority of the time I was there the temperature was around the 30-40 degrees centigrade ( 86-104 Fahrenheit) and we were cooked. At night the temperatures did fall to 20 centigrade (68 Fahrenheit) but our accommodation was so cool through natural insolation that we couldn’t feel it and rested comfortably.

Of course I took a load of pictures and will be sharing them in the coming posts. Please enjoy these images a teaser of what is to come.

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3 thoughts on “One Year On and I Can Climb Mountains

  1. hi ben – i like the pics – had no idea it got that hot in poland – fyi – evan just had a baby son yesterday – samuel weighed in at 7 and a half pounds and is doing great – look at you boys all grown up lol

    • Hi Karen, yeah here we get the full spectrum of weather and actually have seasons. This summer has been much hotter than normal but around 30 Degrees is about right for the summer.
      I saw Evans picture on instagram of his fabulous baby boy, I am sure all are proud, I am looking forward to following samuel as he grows.
      We are all grown up now in body but I am sure both Evan and I would build a den in the park in a heartbeat.

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