Tilting and Shifting

Tilt shift photography in its true form is a great technical and fun way to take pictures. The two true ways to take this style of image is to either use a tilt shift lens or a large format camera. In using both of these methods you will move the lens to be at a different angle to the focusing plain (where your image is captured). In doing this you can create what is sometimes called miniature photography, as the image seem to show the world as if it was a miniature model world.

These image have become a bit of a fad, with even apps on your phone claiming to replicate the effect, even more there is a blur filter in Photoshop to fake this effect. Although I am not a great fan of images created via these filters, I did though have a great subject to create one myself the cityscape of Warsaw

In the centre of Warsaw next to the central train station is a building called the Place of Science and Culture. A gift from the Soviet Union to the people of Poland, in reality it was a sign of strength and domination as wherever you go in the city you can see the tower. In the Palace of Science and Culture you can take a lift up to the observation deck and look out across the city. I did this not too long ago and in looking down on the city I thought this would be a great opportunity to create a tilt shift image. I do not own a tilt shift lens or a large format camera but I do have Topaz filters.


I processed the image as a HDR to get added extra details and then applied the Topaz Tilt Shift filter before raising the saturation of the image.

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