The Two Towers

I turn up in Warsaw about once maybe twice a year and each time I visit there are always new buildings or a new construction is being planned. The city itself does have some eclectic mixtures of architecture, from the old town that was rebuilt after the second world war in the same style as the original buildings, then the communist era blocks to the new modern skyscrapers.
Although not quite the towers of Saruman and Sauron, the Warsaw Towers do capture show how the city is developing and growing. I do wonder want will happen to the smaller blocks when they become dwarfed by the larger buildings.


3 Exposure HDR, processed in HDR Efex toned with Topaz adjust in Photoshop.

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3 thoughts on “The Two Towers

  1. hey Ben…the perspective is fabulous! I like your use of HDR, not over doing it, looks great! the two towers are interesting architecture… your old posts are piling up on me and I’m missing so much! I’ll start with this one but will go back when I can! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Heather, with HDR I feel that it is best to use a delicate touch. There are a lot of images out there that are very contrasted and I am not a fan of those, I like them to have a natural touch with a little bit of wow.

      • for my shots I prefer as natural as possible, if I have to do to much to a shot I usually trash it…having said that I don’t think Photoscape has HDR? to be honest I actually don’t know…will check it out as it could be fun to experiment!

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