Walking In The Waterways

In the centre of Lódź there is a marvel of the industrial ingenuity and I am not talking about all of the textile factories that used to exist. This marvel cannot be seen from the street and people walk and drive over the top of it every day. It is a water sewage network.

The entire sewage network is 4000km long which is something considering the city is not that big in comparison to others. The network was designed by British engineer, William Heerlein Lindley. Underneath Plac Wolności (freedom Square) is one of the old water retention loops called Dętka, (inner tube) due to its circular shape. The Dętka is connected radically by several other sewers when one needed to be flushed they filled it with 300 cubic meters of water and then used the release valve to the sewer that needed to be flushed.

In 2008 the Dętka was cleaned and sterilized allowing people to visit. It is also rented out for filming and photo shoots, one notable film shot here was the Polish and Academy Award Nominated film W Ciemności (in darkness).


This shot is of one of the water release valves and equipment needed when operating in the sewer.

The tunnels are really dark, this shot was taken at 6400 ISO at F3.5 while using my flash gun. I processed the file first in Camera Raw and then In Photoshop using Niksoft for colour toning and then Topaz Denoise for some aggressive noise reduction.

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