Changes and New Starts

This is the first work day of September and the beginning of a new school year for me. Today was the the first day of term which means that there were assemblies and then students went off to their classrooms for parent/student/teacher time, discussing what is coming in the next year. I got to see my temporary schedule (it will possibly change in the next two weeks), as well as shoot some pics for the school.

The start of a new school year. #school #firstday

Soon to be filled with students and teachers

On to changes, there was no Editing Friday because my man cave (office/workroom/studio) had been taken apart to make way for laying of new floors in our apartment. It took  alot longer than we thought as there were some tricky corners and problems to think through. All was set back in place last night and normal posting should now resume.

I am also making some changes to my workflow; for years( since Photoshop 7) i have used Adobe Bridge with Camera Raw and Photoshop. Recently I have come to the conclusion that although this was and is a good workflow, since most of my editing in Photoshop is just output sharpening and noise reduction as well as thinking about my image library, I have in the last two weeks been making the move over to Lightroom. How has this change my workflow? Really in the way I think about importing my images and accessing them. Of course there are still images that I will work on in photoshop I will just be by passing the bridge.


This is one of my images I recently edited in Lightroom using the lightroom develop tab, same style just a different program.

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2 thoughts on “Changes and New Starts

    • It is a nice dramatic shot for a great first day. I really love the school I work in as it is in a 100 year old house that was once owned by one of the city’s factory owner’s. Coming in the front door you are met by this quite grand staircase. We are a small school though with around 120 students.

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