Talking to myself about the IPhone 5s’s camera.

I know you’re not an Apple fan boy, but what are your thoughts about the new IPhone 5s’s camera?

Your right I am not an apple fan boy, I hope I am not a fan boy of anything. What do you want to know? There are a lot of things we can talk about.

Alright but I thought you could write a long post about the new IPhone since the details have been released for the last week. Tell me about the sensor?

Well I have to tip my hat to Apple, because they have not followed the hype of the pixel count set by Nokia with their 41 mega pixel Lumia, with Apple even stating; that they know a secret, the bigger the pixels the better. Which is true, the larger pixels equals better quality. The IPhone 5s is bosting 8 mega pixels against Samsung’s 13MP. Though without knowing the physical size of the sensor it is hard to say which is better.

What about the lens?

Well the lens has 5 optics, made by Apple, and has a larger aperture at f/2.2. I also like how Apple is trying to market this phone, using some photo jargon and then explaining a little about why this is good. “Now it’s at ƒ/2.2 to let in even more light

It also has a new dual flash.

Yes something they are calling Intelligent True Tone Flash. The principle being that by using two flashes, one white and one amber, as well as using some software calculations the camera can emulate the colour temperature so that you don’t get these washed out tones in the image that are associated with flash in low light. This is a good idea as you should get more natural colours. In photography we have been doing this for a while, colour balancing the flash by using gels on the flash unit.

Excellent all is sounding great.

I wouldn’t knock what I have read. The camera also comes with image stabilization; because we all know that trying to keep the camera steady with one hand can be a bit of a fiddle at times. The image stabilization sounds familiar to what is standard in many Point and Shoot cameras, taking multiple shots at one time and merging them together to get a crisp image.

How can they take multiple images at once?

Well they do it by taking advantage of another feature of the camera, burst mode. The camera can shot 10FPS which is quite good. This is due to the A7 processor that includes in it an image signal processor. With the ISP processor being integrated with the camera’s hardware and software this allows the camera to take and process images faster.

What else takes advantage of this, multi-image taking super feature?

Maybe we shouldn’t get carried away with it being a super feature, but it can apparently also allow you to take better panoramas with one sweeping motion. With it taking individual images and then stitching them together the software allows for the camera to change the exposure to protect highlights and shadows so you don’t get half a scene completely over or underexposed.

Are you won over, do you want to come to the Apple side?

 The camera seems impressive for a smartphone and it is really making it more accessible for people to take good images, along with a whole load of filters and of course you could download more apps with filters if you wanted to as well. The only thing I don’t like is the lack of control for those who want to go a bit further with their photography with everything being on auto. Once again I have to give Apple credit, they have come out and said; that if you want to go out and learn photography, do that. The camera on the IPhone is for people who just want to take good pictures.

What is your take on it; will it replace your DSLR?

As a camera it looks solid but I don’t believe people will give up there DSLRs and shoot solely with it. If someone was to give me the phone then yes I would happily use it, will I go out and buy one? No.

An Android fan boy to till the end!

No, a bank balance fan boy till the end.

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