Self-Portrait 2013 MKII


On my last self-portrait post I mentioned how I hated having my picture being taken and this is maybe one of the reasons I am a photographer. Recently I had to have my passport photo taken and I hate the photo. In the photo I look like some coked up druggy looking for a fight. Since then I have wanted to take a picture of myself that will erase the memory of that photo, although it will live on in my passport.

This image was not the original idea for the image the original idea is for a larger composition with several other elements. When I transferred this image to my computer I knew it wouldn’t work for its intended purpose. Not to waste an image I edited this one into something else.

Balanced in Lightroom and then edited in Photoshop. Black and white conversion was via Silver Efex with slight blurring and vignette via Topaz.

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5 thoughts on “Self-Portrait 2013 MKII

  1. looks like a good image to me…I know what you mean about pass port photos…I’ve had a few over the years that were just awful!!! but then I do not like having my photo taken…

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