Light Move Festival

This year was the third edition of the Light Move festival in Lodz. The festival normally takes place in the autumn on the main street of the city Piotrkowska street ( the street is largely pedestrianized) starting at Plac Wolnosci and continuing up. This year however the festival moved slightly in location with the event still starting at Plac Wolnosci but moving on down into the Old Town Square, instead of up Piotrkowska (this is due road works on the street with large sections having no paving and just stone chippings laid down).
I actually liked the fact that the festival moved to the Old Town Square as they placed installations in the park between Plac Wolnosci and the Old Town Square. This was great because the tress still with some leaves created a great space which was so dark you could get lost and turned around. The festival started on Friday and finished today (Sunday). On each day there have been different events as well as the installations.

One of the high points of the festival was the films projected onto buildings that actually used the architecture of the building as a canvas. This technique is called 3D mapping and was the centrepiece of the festival. The animators used the city museum, church and old town hall as there canvases. All three of the buildings sit next to each other. People packed into the square to see the animations which were shown on repeat with a 5 min gap between each screening.

Video of the animations projected in the Museum, Church and Old Town Hall at Plac Wolnosci.

Of course When I went to the festival I took my camera as well as posting images on instagram from my phone for instant sharing.

On  my camera I had my 18-50mm lens and set the camera to 6400ISO, which is rarely used. I had an average shutter speeds of 1/50’s and 1/60’s but at particular bright moments I was shooting at 1/200’s with my aperture set at about f2.8. This wasn’t really a problem as I used using a quite a wide lens so the depth of field was enough to get shots in.

Light Moves Festival

In the Old Town Square there was a fashion show  as well as an exhibit sponsored by Phillips electronics.

Light Move Festival

Moving into the park and night blindness takes effect with your only guide being the spots of lights of the installations.

Light Move Festival

The sun dial was lit up with this fantastic green light and other like minded photogs were out with tripods.

Light Move Festival

There was an amazing laser show at the parks pond with the classic backdrop of a block of flats, where on the top floor a resident watches the show from above.

Light Move Festival

In the park up high there were many surprises like these colourful lanterns hanging in the trees.

Light Move FestivalNight vision green owls glowed in the light projected on to them from below.

Light Move FestivalA great place for a photo opportunity as well as a great installation.

Light Move Festival This was an electrical wire web which lit light bulbs hanging from it.

Light Move Festival

As with all festivals you were able to buy some food and beverages at the festival.

Light Move FestivalThe museum and church on Plac Wolnosci, in the image above the buildings are lit as a clock counts down on the museum to the beginning of the next show.

Light Moves FestivalThe show moved across the buildings and used them as the backdrop.

Light Move Festival

As the film progresses only the building that is being projected onto the others fell into darkness.

Light Move Festival

Even with all the the things in the festival it was really the light poulltion that i started to notice on the horizon.

Light Move Festival

The end of the show show the buildings became a mess of colour as if they had been scribbled over.

Light Move FestivalNow the festival is over and although I think the festival was good, I do know that it will get better as it has since the original festival 3 years ago.

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9 thoughts on “Light Move Festival

    • It was really great to stand their and see everything in person. ALso the music was great at Plac Wolnosci with the animation. I hope they do something similar to this at next years festival.

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