Impossible Mountian

Once again I have been flexing my Illustrating muscles with the help of some inspiration from Chris Spooner.  You can see a time lapse of me working in the video below.

Impossible Mountain

The main illustration was drawn in Illustrator using the pen tool and then I used the gradient tool to colour the mountain.  I imported the drawing into Photoshop and added the sky and ground  as well as using brushes to add a little bit of detail, finally I added some texture.

Let me know what you think.

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3 thoughts on “Impossible Mountian

  1. How do you make the lines intersect with the outline while also seperating them to fill them in with color later? Everytime I try to intersect lines it removes my anchor point. Also what do you under Pathfinder when you are done?

    • hi, at the beginning I am just using the pen tool to create lines and started each line at the an anchor point. However this just gave me a bunch of lines. Using the pathfinder allowed me to separate the lines and fill the areas with the gradient.

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