Modern Lodz

I was thinking about this image and I wasn’t sure how best to represent what one of the centres of the city. In one way it is quite plain and boring, yet it is also a communication hub with buses and trams as well as cars constantly going around the square. Lodz is also a city that is slowly building, renovating and regenerating the city.

With these ideas in my mind I decided to edit the image in way that would be vintage and retro, yet also show the city as somewhere vibrant and changing.


I created cross processed type colours, by adjusting the curves of the colour channels. Used the elliptical selection tool to copy the centre section and shift it as well as applying curves layer adjustment to shift the colours towards red tones. I then used the polygon to to break up the image a little bit and used a paper texture to distort the image a little bit more.

Hope you like it.

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