The Dark Spectre At The Dent School House

Yesterday was the day when children and grown ups dress up as either a dark entity, monster or even their favourite hero or character from film and television. For me Halloween is a time to get creative. Yesterday on YouTube I posted two time lapse videos of my Halloween themed creations.

The Dark Spectre

This image was inspired by a tutorial I saw that used a custom brush with a reduction of the fill to create a translucent effect. When built up the brush created  a natural floating and flowing motion. Work time for the image was about 3 hours with most of the time being spent with custom brushes and applying them in many layers.

The final image is of a dark spectre, a type of ghost that is flowing across the image.

dark spectre

The Dent Schoolhouse

At Halloween it is normal for people to watch horror films. My favourite type of horror film is in fact a haunted house story. In these there may have been a horrific murder and the trapped soul is so enraged it torments those living in the house. I took the name from a quick Google search of haunted houses.

I took an image of a house and removed the sky using image-calculations. Then converting the image to black and white I selected only the highlights and coloured the house red. From here I used a mixture of brushes to mask out areas of the house. I also used brushes to create the effect of splattered blood. I created the text using a basic brush with some adjustments made to the way it would work. It took several attempts to get it right. I then added more blood via more brushes then added a movie billing template as a finishing touch.


Let me know what you think? Also, how did you spend your Halloween?

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