Soundcloud Raw Files By Robert Capa

SoundCloud Teams Up With Instagram

SoundCloud is a place where musicians can upload and share their musical skills for others to listen to. It is one of the largest user generated music site on the web. SoundCloud allows users to upload individual songs to multi-hour mix sets. This has become really popular with DJs who upload whole sets from shows they have played. In a way SoundCloud is like Instagram which could arguably be the largest user generated photographic app. These two giants are now joining forces.

The integration of the two will allow an Instagram and Soundcloud user to browse their Instagram account to find the perfect image for the track of playlist.

This is a great relationship to have as Soundcloud users can now effectively create art for their music. This would work well for showing listeners the inspiration for a track or for live performance letting listeners see what the atmosphere was like.

Nokia Showcases Raw Files

Mobile photography has be claiming the death of the standard camera since Instagram went to android. People may accept that the point and shoot market has had to make radical changes to take on the completion of the smartphone. DSLRs have been safe because they shoot raw. The raw files that have come from camera phones have not been that impressive. Now Nokia has taken the step with their Lumia 1020/1520 models allowing users to save photos as DNG raw files, giving people more editing room on their computer.

For most enthusiasts this is a big deal as these are the first phones to offer raw which most point and shoots don’t offer.  The quality of the raw files is not the same as that from a DSLR with less ability to recover shadows and highlights as well as exposure.
The camera does not default to raw but in the options you can chose to shoot raw and jpeg which is good for direct sharing from your phone and then some refinement on your computer of laptop.

This can only be good for a few reasons, firstly for those who have really got into mobile photography this is major leap to get more creative, for those who have been shooting for a while having raw on your phone will bring the workflow of your phone more into line with your camera. It also gives a wake up call to the point and shot manufacturers, raw could set you apart, photogs don’t always want to carry a DSLR with them.

Example image souced from the Nokia Blog post, full resolution Jpeg/DNG

Robert Capa “I never saw the picture in the frame”

For many photographers Robert Capa is an inspiration and for most his photograph “falling soldier” is iconic. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Capa’s birth a 1947 radio interview Robert Capa talks about his famed shot and says “That was probably the best picture I ever took. I never saw the picture in the frame because the camera was far above my head”

The picture was taken during the Spanish civil war where Capa was photographing the conflict. He was in a trench in Andalusia where soldiers were trying to attack a machine gunner. Each time the soldiers mounted over the trench they were mowed down. After several waves of troops rushing the gunner Capa held the camera above his head and took the shot. It wasn’t until a few months later when he left Spain that he discovered he was now a very famous photographer because of the shot.

Capa died in 1954 while covering the war in Southeast Asia

It was there, because it was in Andalusia and those people were very green, they were not soldiers, and they were dying every minute with great gestures and they figured that was really for liberty and the right kind of fight and they were enthused, and I was there in the trench with about 20milicianos, and those 20 milicianos had 20 old rifles, and on the other hill facing us was a Franco machine gun.

So my milicianos were shooting in the direction of that machine gun for five minutes and then stood up and said “Vámonos!” and got out of that trench and began to go after that machine gun. Sure enough, that machine gun opened up and mowed them down. So what was left of them came back and again took potshots in the direction of the machine gun, which certainly was clever enough not to answer, and after five minutes again they said “Vámonos!” and got mowed down again.

This thing repeated itself about three or four times, so the fourth time I just kind of put my camera above my head and even didn’t look and clicked a picture when they moved over the trench. And that was all. I didn’t ever look at my pictures there and I sent my pictures back with a lot of other pictures that I took.

I stayed in Spain for three months, and when I came back I was a very famous photographer because that camera which I hold above my head just caught a man at the moment when he was shot.

Extract from audio transcript

I find this really inspiring as a lot of people go out and want to capture and frame the perfect shot, when in fact it can come down to luck and chance. The question could be asked what would have happened if he had missed the shot raised his hand to late or early. He fame and recognition came not from the shot but putting himself in the front line to try and get a shot. For all photographers out there we can take from this story that the only way you will get a good shot is from being there in the first place.

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