Am I A Frog Or A Toad?

This little critter has been playing on my mind. I wanted to call him Mr Toad, like the character from “The Wind And The Willows”, yet he doesn’t look like a toad. In the end I had to go online and check if he was a toad or not. In fact he is a frog, but unlike many frogs he has dry skin, but it is the hind legs that give him away because they are perfectly designed for jumping.Am i a frog or a toad

Image processed in Lightroom, basic adjustments with warm tones added in split toning and a changes made to the hue of greens, oranges and yellows.

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3 thoughts on “Am I A Frog Or A Toad?

    • From what i read frogs normally have smooth skin and large back legs for jumping and swimming whereas toads have drier skin usually rough with small bumps. Toads also have smaller hind legs.

      I am glad you enjoyed the photo.

  1. It is indeed a frog and my guess it is Rana arvalis but I’m not a herp man. It reminds me a lot of Gunther’s Frog that we get here – it barks like a dog!!

    Rana guentheri

    Gunther’s Frog is smoother skinned but otherwise close.

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