Aperture64 Update and 2014

The Christmas turkey has been eaten and the New Year’s whiskey has been drunk and toasted with good cheer. I took a break over December from blogging directly on WordPress but I was around on Tumblr and Twitter. The main reason for this is that I was really busy teaching as you would expect leading up to Christmas, as well as returning to England for Christmas just to turn tail to return to Poland for New Year.

If you didn’t catch it on my social networks, I challenged myself to an illustration a day for advent. This was both a success and a failure at the same time. I managed well until the final stretch because I didn’t have enough time to pre-draw for the last five days of advent (as I wouldn’t have time or the ability to draw them while in the UK).

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The plans for 2014 are to keep up with the same content possibly with a break in June and once again in December because we all need a holiday. I will try and keep with a daily/triweekly schedule. I will still take part in Tweet Chats mainly a travel photography one on Mondays, but due to my teaching plan I won’t be able to take part in PhotoChat until the summer.
I want to begin “Reedit Friday” again and “Talking to Myself” posts as they are really fun to write. I will also be continuing with the weekly Vblog Aperture Speaks.

With the layout of the blog I will be overhauling the gallery as it is a little bit stale and unorganised. As well as photography I am planning to add more digital art and illustration content as I really enjoy creating these types of images when not doing photography.

If you have any suggestions of things you want to see on Aperture64, leave a comment below.

I hope to see you back again in the New Year.

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