Aperture64 is going from Zero to Hero

Self ben 1Hi, this is Aperture64 and I am Ben, a British Expat living in Poland. The name of my blog is linked to the topic of my blog, photography. There are loads of photography blogs on the web, though unlike other photography blogs, I don’t just post pictures. I use this blog to; showcase, discuss and share photography and ideas. From time to time I also like to share my illustration and design skills.

What’s this blog here for?
Well really as an expansion of boredom and work. In the summer of 2011 I quit a stable teaching job, had just got married and was in Limbo waiting for my new teaching jobs to start. Previously I had been teaching exclusively in one school as an ESL teacher (a Teacher of English as a Second Language), my future teaching prospects were in the same area as well as teaching photography. This blog was set up to begin my process of writing lesson plans, expanding ideas and maybe even brain farting.


This is what boredom can lead to.

Before Teaching I had studied photography at college and university. I began studying photography because I didn’t know what to study, I was out of my depth in the classes I had chosen and was not in a good place personally. You could also say that in a way I had dropped out of my first year and was wasting my time with my friends and wound up in a darkroom and got hooked.

I generally take Still Life and Landscape images which I post on WordPress but I also take more random shots that I share on Instagram. You can also catch me on Twitter if you wish to read my daily life in 140 characters.

This is me and my blog, if you want to know more just ask.

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