Black and White Pine Cone

Black and White Fern Cone

This is the first results of one new piece of gear and a new preset I am working with; first my new prime 50mm F1.8 lens and the second a black and white preset emulating Kodak black and white film by André Ruiter. Together they have helped create this image of a lone pine cone.

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3 thoughts on “Black and White Pine Cone

  1. I love this and I think F1.8 is a great aperture. I went crazy and bought an F1.2 85mm but the reality is I usually use it at around 1.8 or 2. The DoF is almost too shallow at 1.2. The preset looks excellent. Off to explore!

    • Hi Andrew, I recently saw a video with someone shooting F1.0 portraits with a 50mm and the images looked great but the DOF was something like 5mm, insane. I really wanted a fast lens for when I am out about in the city. Your 85mm sounds great for portraits, though I would also stick around F1.8-2 at the lowest unless I had my tripod with me.
      Hope you found the presets helpful.

      • Indeed, Ben. I have an F0.95 Noctilux lens and the DoF is crazy shallow and prone to vignetting. However it can give amazing effects, a wonderful creamy bokeh and allows you to shoot in very low light. I carry an F2 50mm lens as well, which is a fraction of the size and weight and perfectly good for everyday use. I have downloaded the presets, thank you. I need to experiment with them and I think I have some very similar ones already in the Aperture 4 collection. I must check.

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