Love Lock Bridge

Love Lock Bridge

Love Locks or Love Padlock as they are also known are really quite popular in Poland. Recently In Warsaw, I saw this bridge with a heart shape structure where people could put their lock their Love Locks.
Couples attach love locks, which have their initials inscribed on, to symbolise their unbreakable love. Once the lock has been secured to the bridge the couple throw away the key. The trend has been around since the beginning of last decade, though in recent years local authorities have been removing the Love Locks, as they have been damaging the places they were attached to.
I think it was a great idea to design a bridge to encourage couples to secure their Love Locks to, so their love can be seen night and day as the bridge also lights up at night.

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9 thoughts on “Love Lock Bridge

  1. *Hi Ben,
    I am wondering where exactly this bridge is in Warsaw!?!
    I am actually also from Toronto, Canada, put born in Warsaw, Poland. Travelling there next month and wanting to locate it. Can you possibly give me a rough direction.


    • The bridge is in an area of the city called Wilanow which was actually a tow/village in its own right until warsaw expanded. It is about a 20 min bus ride from the centre and I believe these buses; E-2, 116, 130, 117, 180, 519, 522, will get you there.
      While you can find the bridge there, you can also visit the Wilanow Palace ( that I would highly recommend, This is one of my shots of it There is also a great and reasonably priced Italian restaurant close by called MILANOVO as well. You can really spend a whole day visiting this area of Warsaw and gives you a completely different view of the city.

      I hope you have a great time visiting your homeland and city.

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