Wooden Church Tum

Wood Church Tum

If someone says, “It is overcast and grey, such bad weather for photography”, don’t believe them. Overcast days firstly give you an even light producing few to no shadows leaving your subject to stand out. On a grey day you also have an extra benefit of colours appearing more saturated due contrast in the greyness of the landscape. 

In the above image the all the colours feel more intense because it was a “dull day”. Even the grain of the wood on the church is more intense, showing through its grey red tone. If there had been strong shadows in the scene the image would have looked a lot different and in my opinion less interesting.

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10 thoughts on “Wooden Church Tum

  1. awesome…I love old buildings and this one is a beauty…love the green on the trees! Yes, as inexperienced as I am, I’ve come to realize that a dull day can allow for wonderful photos…in fact sometimes the sun can be too much, for someone like myself who doesn’t always know how to work with it.

    • The sun is best in the morning and afternoon/evening when we have longer shadows. The mid day sun is very strong and cold whick doesn’t work well. Of course there are exceptions to this.

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