Shadows Of The Past

Shadows Of The Past

12 stitched images, ISO400 28mm F11 1/400

I am torn sometimes with the changes in my city. Łódź is a city that was left behind to pick itself up after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Historically the city was quite rich and the centre of Poland’s textile industry. In recent years the city has got the money that it has needed to modernise and renovate some of the rotting architecture. Of course in modernising the city some of the buildings that are abandoned and in a dilapidated state need to knocked down.

When I saw this building had been knocked down I was shocked but not because the building was gone. I was shocked because the space that I thought was small, in fact is quite large and now empty. After a few weeks the colours of wallpaper and paint started to come out a little bit and I headed out to photograph it.

The photo was created from 12 portrait images stitched together. I did this because I couldn’t move back any further and my lens couldn’t go any wider. The image actually got “lost” on my computer when I made the shift over to Lightroom last year. Finally finding the image I hated the original edit so I stripped the tiff file back down the basic stitched composite, saved it and then edited the shot in Lightroom and Color Efex.

What I really like about this image is that I can map out the rooms that were in this building. I can spot the staircase on the right; the green room on the first floor seems to be a kitchen with a living room or dining room next door.

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