St. Anne’s Church In Two Different Styles

This church was a great subject inside and out. Today I am going to concentrate on the outside.  When I took these shots I was trying to use only one focal length for the whole day and this church broke me. I was using a 50mm lens and to get the whole church in the frame mean I would have had to stand in the middle of the restaurant behind me. So I whipped out my wide angle lens and cheated on the days challenge.

Wilanow Church

This first shot I thought worked well in colour with the teal domes and warm glow from the pale yellow of the church and morning sun. 22mm ISO100 F8 1/125 Edited in Lightroom

Church Wilanow Black and White

At the rear of the church even 22mm wasn’t wide enough to fill the church in the frame. I backed up right into one of the stations of the cross that are in the church grounds and pulled the lens back to 18mm. I could just fit everything in if I sacrificed the perspective, which in this case I actually like. I processed this image several times but it never seemed right. I finally realised black and white would work well and edited the image in Silver Efex after basic adjustments in Lightroom. 18mm ISO200 F8 1/100.

Let me know which one you like the most, in the comment box below or you can just say hi if you like.

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8 thoughts on “St. Anne’s Church In Two Different Styles

  1. Both are really nice. I like the vapour trails crossing in the first shot. The colours are restful. The B&W has more impact and the perspective works well, a slight heavenward tilt!

    • Hi Andrew, I think the “Heavenward tilt” is what seems to make this image work. I think your right about the restful colours, it brings a kind of peace to the image maybe.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment I appreciate it.

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog, since it enabled me to find your work. To answer your question, I agree with Andrew above–both are really nice. But I prefer the BW version (even though I primarily shoot color). The tight crop and the slight upward tilt bring an element of tension into the image, give it life so to speak. The dark trees set to the left are well placed and are balanced (in position and in contrast) by the white con trails in the upper right. Nice work.

    • Hi, Robin also thanks for checking out my work. Usually I correct the perspective of shots as it is one of pet peeves. In this case as you’ve described I felt it worked well as a compositional element.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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