Perfect Pearl

Water Drop Perfect 8 Edit

ISO100 50mm +52mm extension f/22 1/400 Edited in Perfect Effects 8 and Lightroom

On Wednesday while browsing my Facebook I saw a post about “Onesoftware” offering “Perfect Effects 8” for free. Of course I was sceptical as nothing is free in photography or life, but I followed the link and yes it was legit and yes it was free, meaning I saved $100. I downloaded the plugin as hey, it’s free and if I didn’t like it I could just uninstall the plugin.

I decided to edit this shot to try out the plugin. In a way Perfect Effects is similar to Color Efex by Niksoft. You choose effects have them layered up and you can make these filters selective.
My idea with this image when editing, was to make the image feel that as if it was taken underwater, which worked well the abstract nature of the shot. Of course it is flower with a water droplet, but to me it looked like a pearl resting in an open oyster.

Let me know what you think?

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