Relaxing with Snails

ISO 800 50mm f8.0 1/60

ISO 800 50mm f8.0 1/60

I was feeling really rubbish after work today and I was praying for the bus to come so I could get home and just relax on the sofa. As I was flicking through my twitter feed I saw some dried plants sticking through the bars of an abandoned plot of land next to the stop. Thinking that they would make a good still life subject, I started to break off some bits before noticing that there were snails on these plants. I opened up my lunch box (which was empty) and placed everything inside for safety.

I got home and did relax with a cup of coffee before setting up a small still life light arrangement on my desk. I used my 50mm lens with a 12mm extension tube to give a shallower depth of field. This particular shot was actually one of the last shots. As I was backing away, I opened the blinds and loved the way the light selectively brightened some areas of the composition. I edited the shot in Lightroom using the black and white and the split toning panel.

Although I still feel rubbish, I do feel as if I have relaxed.

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3 thoughts on “Relaxing with Snails

  1. Snails save the day again!
    I went out early the other morning to try a shot I’d been lining up for a while but the weather didn’t play ball so I took a wander down the lane instead and ended up photographing snails I stumbled across instead 🙂

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