Colourful Altar

ISO 400 50mm f/2.8 1/80

ISO 400 50mm f/2.8 1/80

I have a secret passion subject, churches. I love to photograph them; if I visit a town I will always visit the church or cathedral and spend a lot of time there.
Why do I like this subject?
They are amazing examples of architectural, sculpted and painted art and as a subject all these different elements can juxtapose each other depending on the history of the church.

One thing about churches is that they always seem to be dark (modern churches seem to be brighter with larger windows) and to take pictures in them you need a high ISO or a fast lens.
The picture above was taken in a church in Warsaw and it is the brightest (old) church I have ever been to and the saturation of the colour just hits you. I loved it as a subject. I had quite a bit of time to take shots here and was the only person there. Even with the brightness of the church I had to shoot at f2.8, although using my DoF calculator I knew this would be enough to have the altar in focus as well as the surrounding art.

Do you also have a passion for photographing churches? Let me know in the comment box below  as well as any other comments you might have.

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10 thoughts on “Colourful Altar

  1. Hi, we have been travelling in Spain and the opportunity to see the amazing Cathedrals is wonderful. you can find images of the Cathedrals and Churches of Spain, on my blog.
    one of the best blogs for learning about the history of great Cathedrals and Churches is
    Dennis Aubrey has been documenting the old beauties of France.
    I love the your image of the Warsaw Church – is is bright and colourful. Just lovely. Maybe someday I will get to visit it!

    • The pictures in the link are really great, will need to look at more. I would love to see some of the churches in the south of spain. I have read a few books on the moors and the conversion of mosques to churches and would love to see the architecture.

    • I think your right, with the modern interpretation of the Christian religion a bright church is what is needed. If you compare the reading of the bible in medieval times then tall dark structures would have matched their perception as well.

  2. When you get the chance, come visit the Philippines. We have so many churches, I haven’t even visited every single one in my city.

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