Two Views From The Observation Deck

If you ever go to Warsaw, a place that I would recommended you to go to is to the observation deck of the Place of Science and Culture. To be honest you cant miss this building, it is big, grandiose and imposing. An apparent gift from the Soviet Union to the people of Poland but seems more like an over towering structure to remind everyone of who was really in charge.
From the observation deck you can see the whole city but I like it for a different reason.


One of the reasons is the architecture of the observation deck. It is really great for HDR, the warn stone with sharp corners creating hard lines which works well with the hard contrast of HDR.
The image above is a HDR processed in HDR Efex with post production in Photoshop to add light rays.


Apart from the architecture you also have the chance to see some interesting human interaction.
The image above is a HDR created in HDR Efex with masking applied to remove the HDr effect from being applied to the couple and then edited the whole image in Silver Efex.

Do you have any favourite places to photograph that you would recommend? or any other comment, please use the comment box below.

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4 thoughts on “Two Views From The Observation Deck

  1. I like both very much. Great use of HDR in the first one to create a really powerful image. I don’t recall seeing a selective application of HDR (2nd image) before and I really like the decision to have the couple without the HDR effect. Nice work.

    • When I create a hdr with people in the image I dont like the effect on the skin tones so create the HDR first and then import on a new layer the best exposure for them and mask them in.
      With this picture I masked in the whole person not just their skin.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Robin.

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