No Parking

No Parking

HDR created in Photomatix and edited in Lightroom. ISO400 18mm F/11 1/200

I used to walk past this building on the way to my old school, which was situated just behind these buildings. For the whole time i have lived in Lodz it has been abandoned. I was back in this areaof the city again yesterday and noticed that they had finally taken down part of building. We now have another area of waste ground in the city that can be turned into a car park, but at the moment “No Parking”.

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6 thoughts on “No Parking

  1. I like the processing but it looks a rather sad place. Most no parking signs get ignored here and some entrepreneurial thug will usually try to charge for the parking even on government land. Good to capture this whilst it is still open.

    • I must agree andrew it is a sad place but there is hope in the sadness. The city is undergoing a project called 100 buildings, where there are 100 buildings on a list to the renovated. When a building is renovated then another is added to the list, although some buildings are beyond repair due to negligence. This is the result of the history of the city post WW2 and post communism as ownership of old buildings can be hard to prove.

      • At least your city takes heritage seriously, Ben. Here conservationists have to fight to the death almost to save anything. There are some wonderful old places but most are being redeveloped. Not even the facade will survive. A great shame.

      • I would say yes they do take it quite seriously. When a new shopping center was built in the place of an old facrory they kept the spirit of the old building outside while inside it is modern. It is a shame that hk doesn’t try and preserve it’s heritage.

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